Swimming Pool
Pool Manger: Tara Kaverman
Located at: 501 ½ N Broadway Spencerville, Ohio 45887 Phone Number: 419-647-1014 Pool Hours: Monday - Sunday Noon to 7:00 pm
Pool Opens: Scheduled to open June 2024
Pre-sale Dates: Please check Facebook for presale dates. (Usually in the month of May.) At 524 N Broadway (Utilities Office)
Season Admission Prices (Ordinance 24-14) Preseason Price Regular Price Season Pass: $40 per person $50 per person (half price on July 15th of the season until end of the season.) Daily Admission: Age 0-2 Free Age 3 and Over $3.00 per person Pool Parties: $175 for 2 hour party with up to 75 people. $3.00/person over 75. $250 for a 3 hour party with up to 75 people. $3.00/person over 75. $200 for 3 hour semi-private party with up to 75 people. $3.00/person over 75 Private Instructional Classes $50 (2 hour session) Shelter House Rental (Normal Business Hours ONLY): $25 (DOES NOT include cost of admission) Daily admission price on each Tuesday of each swimming pool season shall be $2.00/person for ages 3 and over. Daily admission price on each Saturday of each swimming pool season shall be $1.00/person for ages 3 and over. That the daily admission for opening day and closing day of each pool season, shall be free.
The municipal swimming pool was originally built in or around the 1940’s at the site where the current pool is situated. The original swimming pool had a sand bottom, which was capped with concrete during the pool renovations which took place around 1970. Since those renovations, there have been numerous other improvements completed in order to maintain a safe and functional facility. Major renovations took place in the 1990’s when new filtration systems and chemical feed operations were installed. This work needed to be completed in order to separate the main pool operations from the wading pool operations. In the mid 2000’s, a local group formed the Spencerville Pool Fundraising Committee, which is still in existence and provides assistance to the current pool operations as well as planning for a new swimming pool facility. This organization has been instrumental in providing funding for general operating costs, funding for new amenities and financial assistance for swimming pool employees. Some of their accomplishments include: new tube slide, reconstruct the wading pool, new basketball hoop and a set of ADA compliant entry stairs. In 2022, the Village’s Administration began discussions with a swimming pool planning consultant, to determine whether a new swimming pool would be feasible. The Village plans to have the consultant complete a feasibility study and determine whether a new pool is practical based on several factors. If the study indicates a new pool is practical, the proposed location of a new swimming pool has been identified and the land is available to the Village. The biggest obstacle in constructing a new swimming pool is cost, as a new pool will cost upwards of $3 million and our current facility continuously operates at a deficit. In order for a new swimming pool to be considered, constructed and successful, local participation is paramount.