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The Village of Spencerville performs adult mosquito control annually between the months of May through September.  The Village uses a ULV (ultra low volume) machine to spray droplets of adult mosquito control products; which is specifically designed to attack and kill adult mosquitoes.  Products used may be irritating to the eyes and skin for some individuals; therefore, it is suggested that residents use caution when spraying occurs.  As much as practically possible, each spraying event will be announced on the Village’s Facebook page.

Spraying will occur, on an as needed basis (no more than twice/week), during the evening hours, typically just before dusk and will last for around two hours.  Each spraying event is to be justified by mosquito complaints received, or by performing counts of mosquito populations.  If complaints are not received, we will most likely not spray.  Residents are encouraged to file mosquito complaints by calling the Utilities office at 419-647-6263, or by submitting a written Mosquito Complaint form located on this website; the form can be faxed to the Utilities office at 419-647-6980 or emailed to

As time has progressed, the products used for spraying for adult mosquitoes have evolved to be much better for the environment and safer to use around humans; in 2022, the Village began using a product called Merus which is comprised of a botanical insecticide that is naturally occurring in chrysanthemum flowers.

For questions regarding the Village of Spencerville’s Mosquito Control Program, please call the Utilities office at 419-647-6263 or send an email to  For Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or Product Labels, please click on the links below to review the products currently being used by the Village for adult mosquito control.

Duet - SDS

Duet - Label

Merus 3.0 SDS

Merus 3.0 Label