The Village of Spencerville has had a mosquito control program for years. Our primary control measure is control of adult mosquitoes by using a ULV (ultra low volume) machine that disperses droplets of adult mosquito control products. These products are designed to attack and kill adult mosquitoes. Mosquito control events will be scheduled for late evening hours, usually before dusk, and will begin around May of each year and conclude around September of each year, the number of spraying events depends on several factors, including complaints received, weather conditions, mosquito count numbers, etc. The Village asks that residents report mosquito control complaints to the Utilities Department by calling 419- 647-6263 or by submitting the online complaint form to . Mosquito control is an expensive process, but if done properly, can be extremely effective. Over the years, the Village has recognized the need to transition to products that are safer to be used around humans and are safer for the environment. In 2022, the Village began using Duet and Merus as the only adult mosquito control products. Each of these products are considered to be much safer than other products used in the past. In fact, Merus is comprised of a botanical insecticide that is naturally occurring in chrysanthemum flowers. Due to the cost of our mosquito control program, the Village plans to seek grant funding through the Ohio EPA mosquito control grant program; if funding is awarded, this will offset some of our costs associated with mosquito control. For questions regarding the Village’s mosquito control program, please call the Utilities Department at 419- 647-6263 or send an email to . Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Product label links are located below; please click on these for more information regarding the products the Village uses.
Mosquito Control Program