Village of

Spencerville, Ohio

Waste Water Department
Waste Water Treatment Plant Located at: 1225 S. St Marys Rd Spencerville, Ohio 45887 Phone Number: 419-647-4853
In 1998 and 1999, the Village wastewater treatment plant was upgraded to meet or exceed our current NPDES ( National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit. The upgrade was a major expense but one that was definitely needed to meet the requirements set forth by the Ohio EPA. The new plant was designed by Floyd Browne Associates (FBA) in Marion, Ohio, with the construction being performed by Tuttle Construction in Lima, Ohio and Sollmann Electric in Sidney, Ohio.. It was decided that the best plant for Spencerville would be sequencing batch reactor (SBR), this type of plant would be able to effectively treat any type of flow either in terms of strength of wastewater or during high flow periods. The Village’s wastewater collection system (WWCS) is what delivers the wastewater to the treatment plant. This system must be maintained and repaired as necessary, failure to do so could result in problems at the WWTP. Our current collection system is strictly for wastewater, however, during heavy rain events, the flow at the plant is significantly increased due to the entrance of storm water into the WWCS. This storm water comes from couple different places. First, there are leaks in the pipe joints and manhole joints, which allow water to enter the WWCS, this is called infiltration. Second, there are numerous “illegal” connections throughout the community. These are mainly basement sump pumps that are connected directly to WWCS, this is called inflow. Because of the fluctuation in flows, the WWTP had to be designed to handle the most extreme flow conditions. We have attempted to reduce the amount of storm water that enters our WWCS by lining the sewers that have proved to be leaking. Both the plant and collection system will require various improvements in the upcoming years, in order to remain in compliance with OEPA requirements.