Storm Water In calendar year 2008, Village Council first began discussions of implementing a Storm Water Utility and an Unauthorized Sewer Connection Program. These two programs complement each other in that a good storm sewer system is needed in order to accept the additional flow that would be created by those residents required to remove their illegally connected storm sewer lines from the Village’s sanitary sewer system and having them appropriately connected to a fully functional storm water outlet. In 2016, a consultant was hired to begin developing the framework for a Storm Water Utility; this was completed around 2018. Village council held several meetings to discuss the implementation of this program, but ultimately decided to go in a different direction. In 2019, a consultant was hired to investigate the possibility of controlling storm water by means of a retention basin at the south end of the Village. This study indicated that there are two watersheds coming through the Village on the east side of town that could reduce the flooding effects by creating retention basins. In 2022, the Village applied for and received H2Ohio grant funds to develop a wetlands retention basin which will control storm water on the east side of town. This basin will not only control the storm water coming through town, but it will also act as a mechanism to discharge clean water to the receiving stream. This project was completed in 2023. The Village has performed several storm water related projects over the years and have replaced several culverts. The outlet for most of the Village’s storm water is the Miami & Erie canal; because the canal was not constructed as a drainage way, the Village frequently experiences localized flooding. The cost to develop a storm water control system that would prevent any flooding at all is not practical; furthermore, the acquisition of rights-of-way and easements would infringe on private properties; therefore, the Village has investigated means and methods to control storm water through the retention basin method. Anyone with questions about either of these two programs is asked to contact the Village Administrator at 419-647-6263 or .