Village of

Spencerville, Ohio

Street Department located at 524 N Broadway St Spencerville, Ohio 45887
The Village of Spencerville is responsible for the maintenance of nearly 13.5 miles of streets, 3.0 miles of alleys and five(5) bridges. All of these are maintained by using monies from our Street Fund, Capital Projects Fund, Permissive Fund, State Highway Fund and other various Federal and State agencies that offer grants or low interest loans for roadway improvements. It is critical to keep all of our streets, alleys and bridges in good condition; primarily for safety reasons. We strive to keep our roadways safe and passable for local residents and anyone passing through; this is achieved by following our Street Maintenance Program, which was implemented in 2005. This plan identifies the length and width of each street, what work is needed (including the estimated cost) and in what year the work should be completed. Since the implementation of this plan, the Village has had success in being able to effectively maintain our streets. As costs to maintain streets continue to rise, other forms of street preservation must be considered. Every 3 years our streets are inspected and graded; out Street Maintenance Program is regularly updated to reflect these inspections and projects are planned based on the grading criteria obtained through these inspections. Inevitably, potholes will form in any street, especially after a harsh winter. The Village purchased a Durapatcher machine in 2004, which is primarily used to patch these holes. Patching is typically performed during the warmer months and has saved the Village a good amount of money by not having to purchase asphalt mix for patching. The Village receives limited funding each year for roadway improvements; therefore, we have to evaluate each street on an annual basis and determine where the funds should be spent. The funding availability is broken down into the following categories; Permissive Funds are only eligible to be spent on roughly 6.5 miles of streets, State Highway Finds are only eligible on about 2.5 miles and the remaining 5.5 miles are eligible for Local Funds. Federal and State funds obtained through grants and/or loans are eligible to be spent on all streets within the Village. During the winter months, the Village applies road salt, on an as needed basis, to keep the roadways safe for motorists. We typically apply roughly 50 tons of road salt to the Village’s streets each year. 2022 Street Inspection