Village of

Spencerville, Ohio

Water Department Office (Utilities Office) is located at 524 N Broadway, Spencerville, Ohio Water Treatment Plant is located at 501 N Broadway, Spencerville, Ohio
Water Department(revised 1-24-2023) The Village of Spencerville first began treating and distributing water to its customers in 1929. Since that time, the treatment plant and distribution system have undergone numerous renovations which have resulted in better treatment, storage and distribution. All of these improvements have been made in order to stay in continuous compliance with all drinking water standards. Our primary goal is to provide an adequate supply of safe, quality drinking water at a reasonable cost to our customers. We are very fortunate to have an adequate supply of ground water, free from bacteria and other contaminants. The original system was supplied by two (2) wells located near the treatment plant, one drilled in 1929 and the other drilled in 1950. In 1984, the Village drilled another well at Old Acadia Park, on the north end of town. In 2019, the original two wells began to fail and the Village took immediate action to secure funding for the development of two additional wells at Old Acadia Park. As part of that project, the original two wells (1 & 2) were abandoned. The Village water supply is now provided by three wells (3,4 & 5), all located at Old Acadia Park. Each well is capable of producing 500 gallons per minute. In 2012, construction of a new treatment plant was started. The new plant went online in September 2014 and is producing a high quality filtered and softened drinking water. The new treatment process is as follows: ground water is pumped from the wells to the aerator (where hydrogen sulfide gases are released), chlorine is also injected at the aerator and the iron oxidation process begins in the detention tanks, water flows to the low service pump station where it is pumped to the six (6) sand filters, after filtration, the water is dechlorinated, fed with anti-scalant and enters the nanofiltration softening membranes, after softening, the permeate or finished water, (along with filtered blend water) is injected with chlorine (for disinfection) and caustic soda (for pH and corrosion control) and is pumped to the clearwells where it is ready for distribution to the system. As part of the 2012 2014 improvements, the Village built a laboratory, which has been certified by the Ohio EPA. Although we are able to perform several tests in our laboratory on a daily basis, we still need to send various samples to an outside laboratory for analysis. As part of the water treatment plant upgrade and the new well development, the Village included auxiliary generators that will provide continuous power to these components during long-term power outages. The Village’s distribution system consists of approximately 17 miles of pipe, ranging in size from 4” 16”, approximately 200 main line valves and 150 fire hydrants. In addition, we have 1,000 service connections ranging in size from ¾” 8”. The overall condition of our distribution system has improved over the years, as we have replaced/installed several linear feet of main line; however, there are still critical areas that are in need of replacement. In 2006, the Village completed construction of a new 400,000 gallon elevated storage tank, which replaced the 100,000 gallon tank. Not only did this increase our amount of water readily available, it also increased the pressure in the system by +/-3 psi.