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Mosquito Control Program

The Village of Spencerville performs mosquito control annually from May through September.  The Village uses a ULV (ultra low volume) machine to spray an adulticiding chemical; which is specifically designed to attack and kill adult mosquitoes.  The chemical used may be irritating to the eyes and skin; therefore, it is suggested that residents use caution when spraying is taking place.

Spraying may occur during the early morning hours or during the evening hours just before dusk.  We are required by law to justify each spraying event, in other words, if we do not receive complaints of mosquito populations being high, we cannot and will not spray. We urge residents to call the Utilities office at 419-647-6263 to file a complaint if they are experiencing high populations of mosquitoes in their area.  Residents are also welcome to print a Mosquito Complaint form from this website and submit to us via fax (419-647-6980) or email (

Spraying frequency is ultimately driven by the number of complaints received; however, we will typically not spray more than twice/week.   

For questions concerning the Village of Spencerville’s Mosquito Control Program or to obtain a copy of a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the chemical being applied, please call 419-647-6263 or you may click on the link below to access the MSDS.

MSDS for Kontrol 4-4

Kontrol 4-4 Label

Biomist 4 4- Label

Mosquitom - Label

Biomist 4 4 -MSDS

Mosquitom - MSDS

Duet - SDS

Duet - Label