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Storm Water

In calendar year 2008, Village Council first began discussions of implementing a Storm Water Utility and an Unauthorized Sewer Connection Program.  These two programs complement each other in that a good storm sewer system is needed in order to accept the additional flow that would be created by those residents required to remove their illegally connected storm sewer lines from the Village’s sanitary sewer system and having them appropriately connected to a fully functional storm water outlet.  

Based on prior discussions, the Village’s Administration felt that implementing the Storm water Utility first, made the most sense.  This process will eventually ensure that all residents have an adequately sized storm sewer outlet.

Due to periodic localized flooding across the entire community; the Village’s Administration determined that it would be best to consider creating a Storm water Utility, which could be used to generate the revenue necessary to address the Village’s deficient storm sewer system.  The process in creating a Storm water Utility involves the Village hiring a consultant to establish a Storm Water Master Plan and a Storm Water Utility Rate.

For calendar year 2016, the Village’s Administration appropriated the funds necessary to hire a consultant to begin working on the Storm Water Master Plan.  This plan will provide the framework required to create the Storm Water Utility and the rate to be charged to each parcel in the community.  Upon completion of said plan, projects will be prioritized to address the areas of the community that are most prone to flooding events.

Anyone with questions about either of these two programs is asked to contact Sean Chapman at 419-647-6263 or

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